Transcription and Subtitling

Transcription and Subtitling



Transcription is developing a document by typing everything from a video or an audio. This process can be a word for word document, or the transcriptor can delete specific parts of the speech. They do this by removing things that are not essential in the document.

There are various types of audio and video transcription

  • Translation and transcription of movie scripts, voiceovers, and subtitles.
  • Translation and transcription of TV documentary interviews.
  • Audio translation and transcription of conference recordings.
  • Audio translation and transcription of police interviews.
  • Translation and transcription of market research questionnaires.
  • Translation and transcription of court hearings and reports.
  • Translation and transcription of secret recordings.
  • Translation and transcription of medical reports and dictation.

Hexa offers multilingual transcription and typing services at competitive prices for all types of businesses and occupations. Our areas of expertise include basic business typing, secretarial services, financial, insurance, and investigation transcribing as well as academic research transcription.



Video subtitling is the linguistic technique of placing written text at the bottom of the screen, typically. The dialogue between the characters, discursive components (letters, graffiti, captions, banners, etc.), and the soundtracks (songs, voice-overs, etc.) that are in another language are all translated in this text.

Professional video subtitles enable you to interact with a larger audience, whether it is for search engine optimization, international markets, or making your videos accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH) (SEO).

Hexa offers many different subtitling services, such as:

  • Brand Video
  • Subtitling
  • Case Study Subtitling
  • Demo Video Subtitling
  • E-Learning Video Subtitling
  • Testimonial Video Subtitling
  • Event Video Subtitling
  • Movie Subtitling
  • How-To Video Subtitling
  • Webinar Subtitling