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Documents Translation

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Hexa offers a range of document translation services

we provide expert translation services in multiple sectors, including tech gadgets and electronics, and more broad subjects like patents at law.

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Technical Translation​

We offer technical translation services as our expertise tremendously advanced over the past ten years. As a result, we have solidly established our reputation with the best quality in translation; we focus on managing client-specific terminology and providing a superb level of support to our clients in several specific technical domains. We translate text for user manuals, reference manuals, user guides, service manuals, reference guides, and sales guides into several languages. Our technical document translation covers menus, market research, hospitality, automotive, sport, real estate, IT, fashion, press release CV, and job-related documents.


We provide advertising and marketing translation services with high quality similar to the web sites of translating, multimedia presentations, advertising copies, packaging material, press releases, white papers, promotional materials, online content, memos, internal documents, brochures, reports, documentation for tenders, questionnaires, and tourist guides. We use our expertise in the regional languages and cultures that we target and great experience in those specific domains to create the most effective message for your target audience. We are pleased to assist you if you wish to advertise yourself globally.


HEXA provides reliable document translation services for top life sciences companies in medical devices, pharmaceutical, healthcare, CRO industries, and biotech. We translate different medical documents, including medical device user manuals (information for use)IFUs, documents for informed patient consent, clinical protocols, training manuals, healthcare, etc. Our highly optimized document translation solutions are designed to automatically handle information created with all main technical authoring tools for maximum localization efficiency. Our medical document services include screenshot capture, image localization, and text translation.


Leading financial services firms rely on HEXA to accurately and quickly translate technical documentation. We have many native linguists with professional training and subject matter expertise in various financial services fields such as corporate finance, investment banking, international accounting, and insurance. We virtually translate all financial documents such as balance sheets, banking statements, accounting records, shareholder reports, annual investor reports, and financial training manuals. Aside from financial document translation HEXA provides legal document translation services for a wide range of legal documents, including business contracts, GDPR compliance, privacy policies, litigation support materials, and patent documents.


You may make your book available to readers worldwide via HEXA, regardless of language. By making information available to those who want it, your words have the power to transform millions of lives. HEXA's Book Translation services are designed to convey the spirit of your work to readers around the world in their native tongue. Scientific and academic translation services include translating journals, reports, theses, dissertations, and research articles in the scientific and educational fields.


Countries have grown increasingly integrated in the ever-evolving digital world, with borders becoming irrelevant. The demand for qualified translators has increased as a result of the requirement to transmit essential messages from a wide range of sectors all over the world. Converting media and disseminating information from one country to another frequently demands the acquisition of skills other than technical translations. Hexa Translation is well-versed in the needs of the media and publishing industries, and offers industry-leading news article translations, literary translations, publication translations, and a wide range of other services.